A Body of Work represents a group of sculptures by American artist John Chamberlain that has never been seen before. More Gallery was pleased to inaugurate, in the presence of the artist and the two curators, Rudi Fuchs and Maarten Bertheux, the exhibition John Chamberlain - A Body of Work in the new gallery space Turbine Hall Giswil, near Lucerne. The opening reception took place on Sunday, 7 June. A press preview was held on Saturday, 6 June.

More Gallery presented 36 works by John Chamberlain which have been made over the last few years. The exhibition comprises two series of works:

The first group contains 22 car-part sculptures. In 1957 when Chamberlain started to use car-parts and other everyday metal-based materials, he revolutionised traditional notions of sculpture making. In his latest works at More Gallery, Chamberlain returns to car-parts as a primary material and engages in an expanded dialogue with chrome and steel.

The second group of 9 large-scale sculptures made of silver and coloured aluminium foil presents the climax of a project that the artist has worked on for decades. Throughout the 1970s, Chamberlain created small scale, coloured foil balls and paper sculptures instant gestures of primary materials. Later he continued the exploration through a series of models, which would eventually become more ambitious foil works. The maquettes never left his studio until 2006 when they were finally translated into large-scale objects.

Photography: © Erik & Petra Hesmerg

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